Dr. Simona Travaglianti

2001–2007 Theatre and Film Studies and Art History at the Universities of Bern and Lausanne. 2007 Master’s Degree (Lizentiat) with a thesis entitled “Mining the City: Praktiken und Taktiken zeitgenössischer, ortsspezifischer Theaterexperimente” (supervisor: Prof. Gerald Siegmund), University of Bern. 2007–2010 Ph.D. candidate in the doctoral program “Intermediale Ästhetik: Spiel, Ritual, Performanz” (Universities of Basel and Bern). 2011 Grant from the Dr. Joséphine von Kármán Foundation fellowship trust. 2012 Teaching fellowship at the Institute of Theatre Studies, University of Bern, under the guidance of Prof. Christina Thurner. Since 03/2012 Associated member of the SNSF Sinergia project “The Interior. Art, Space, and Performance (Early Modern to Postmodern)” at the University of Bern. 03/2013 Ph.D. in Theatre Studies, University of Bern (details below).


Ph.D. thesis, funded by the Dr. Joséphine de Karman-Stiftung:
“Situationsräume: Zur Emergenz theatraler Räume aus der Site-Specificity”

Abstract (German)

Supervisors: Prof. Gerald Siegmund, Prof. Christina Thurner and Prof. Peter J. Schneemann