M.A. Dora Sagardoyburu (geb. Precup)


2001–2005 Master studies in French and Romanian Languages and Literatures at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 2005–2008 Bachelor studies in Art History, French Language, and Journalism at the University of Neuchâtel. 2012 Master’s degree in Museum Studies at the University of Neuchâtel with a thesis entitled “Du château historiciste Peles au projet d’art contemporain Peles Empire. Perspectives historiques et enjeux actuels du décor intérieur” (supervisors: Prof. Pascal Griener and Prof. Pierre Alain Mariaux). Since 2010 Academic assistant and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Neuchâtel. Since 04/2012 Associated member of the SNSF Sinergia project “The Interior: Art, Space, and Performance (Early Modern to Postmodern)” at the Institute of Art History, University of Bern.


Ph.D. project:
“Replaying and Reworking Nineteenth-Century Interiors in Contemporary Art Installations”

Supervisor: Prof. Pascal Griener